When Strength Wears Thin
June 27, 2014

Russ has been gone for ten days.

I’ve had great plans for catching up on some things.

>I need to finish my Disaster Relief Training so I can get certified.
>Last autumn I bought supplies to redo my folding chairs. They are still sitting in the garage.
>The upstairs couch needs to be cleaned.
>Projects in the craftroom are making it almost impossible to close the craftroom door.
>Coffee and Dinner dates with friends.
>Keep Allison and Maximus alive. Bonus if they are relatively happy.

Apparently I work my lists backwards because that’s the only one that is done.

When Russ took his trip in 2011  my Dad came to keep me company, Maximus ended up having emergency surgery after eating a ball and everyone lived through that one.

One of the tough things on these trips are the time issues and access to communication. We were able to Skype last time through a different computer. The time issue leaves us with very little awake time together. He is 12 1/2 hours ahead so his morning is my night. Early evening is fine for me but he is usually preparing to do something with the team. His evening is my early morning. (You get the picture)

You realize how much you rely on someone when half the team isn’t there. Add in a couple of days where care workers can’t cover and I’m walking around in my pajamas babbling incoherently. It just took one thing two things out of place to get me off kilter yesterday and I was on the phone with two different friends who were helping to get a grip.

Today was a much better day, even though the rain thwarted my original plans, I got outta Dodge.

Rachel showed up around 9, I took a relaxing bath and nap while my bible app read the Psalms to me. I put myself together and drove north to my new favorite place to nosh. I completely splurged on Panang Salmon and started reading a book on my Kindle, “Notes from a Blue Bike” by Tsh Oxenreider. Holy smokes!! I thought I was reading a nice little calming memoir. Although it is both of those, it is hitting me right between the eyes,

Every time I’ve talked to Russ since he’s been in India he has said “When I get home we have got to simplify.” What he doesn’t know is when he gets home we’ll be reading this book together. I am part way in and it is sitting me down in such a good way.

Shopping happened, I picked up another basil plant, stopped at a great little coffee shop to read a few more chapters and headed home.

Coffee moment

The team went to another area for a few days and it was questionable whether or not we would get to talk. I got a message while on the Interstate that he was trying to get a hold of me and he had a very short time. I pulled into the parking lot of a sketchy gas station just in time  to find out he had no microphone. He could hear me and was just telling me to talk and that he would type when my phone died.

By the time the phone was charged enough to come on, I couldn’t reach him.

All I really wanted him to know was that I had had a really good day that fed my soul. A relaxing day with a wishlist and no agenda. The fridge is stocked with really good food so we are ready to hunker down for a few more days and mommy has her sanity back.

Tomorrow? Maybe I’ll start getting some chairs painted.

Then again, maybe I won’t.


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