Sending the Coffee Guy to India
July 12, 2011
They have been preparing for months. Meeting to pray, study and plan to travel to the southern portions of India. Today The Coffee Guy and his ministry partner Ravi (aka Rough and Ready) began the physical portion of their journey when they headed to the airport this afternoon. Early in the morning they will board a plane that will take them to the other side of the earth where villages, churches and many pastors are hungry for the teachings from God’s Word.
Ravi and his beautiful wife are part of Real Hope Ministries. Ravi was born in the area and his brother is the pastor of the church where they will dedicate a new building for their ever growing congregation. They will be in good hands and I am sure there will be fascinating stories upon their return.
Until then The Princess and I will be entertaining G’Pa when she is not in summer school. Maybe we will find a project to do, movie to see or just do nothing. Whatever we do, I’m sure we won’t be quite prepared for the changes and excitement that we’ll encounter when our favorite guy returns from his amazing, God filled, blessing laden, once in a lifetime adventure! I’ll post updates so you can join us in prayer and be part of the excitement! 


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