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“No two people grieve the same, and we may not experience all the stages of grief. Some moments seem brutal, and others remind us of our joy. I believe we grieve as deeply as we love, and the love for my parents still runs deep. My heart realizes it, too, and slowing down to listen to it was truly the best way to follow my heart.” 

– Jemelene Wilson

I’m glad you’re here. Life can be a bumpy ride with or to some a roller coaster. Then there are times (I’m looking at you 2020) where it’s more like a twist and puke.

No matter where we go one thing is for sure, we all fall down. Spiritually, emotionally and if you are anything like me, physically. I’m the girl who missed softball in Sophomore year because it wasn’t enough to sprain one ankle at a time. The first one happened while running downstairs to answer the door. I fell down the last three stairs and landed in the piano. Don’t worry, mom was able to step over me and answer the door. Nobody remembers what the neighbor came over for or how I sprained the other ankle, but I eventually got up and healed.

Welcome to my little home on the web.

This is a place to sink down in the couch and learn to walk in the fullness of Christ. We’ll navigate the hope, the joy, the pain, and the triumphs. After all, why just survive when you can thrive?

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