Hi, I am Jemelene.

My friends call me Jem!

I’m a Speaker, Writer, and Spiritual Director/Life Coach. I recently added author to the list as I released a new book with a collection of stories I’ve contributed to The Glorious Table. I speak and write mostly about faith, hope, love, and food. Topics also include surviving cancer, a carjacking (where my daughter was still in the car), an abusive boyfriend, and codependency.

The one thing that I’ve held on to is the hope I have in a living God. My faith in Christ has sustained me through the darkness that comes from straying from his Word. I’ve also found that He wasn’t talking about feelings when He said to love one another. He also promised that if I would stop looking backward, He would make “a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland” Isaiah 43:19b NIV.

For years, my husband Russ has been serving in ministry. Before we met, I knew I was called to minister but finding the right place at the right time never seemed to work out. I never really had a title, but I always had a place where I can listen to the cries and pain of confused and grieving souls. Calls and texts will often lead with, “Mama Jem, I need to come sit on your couch.”

There has been little in the traditional way of education except classes and seminars but mostly what I like to call the “Learn by Doing” method. With many years of loving hurting people, taking couples under our wings, and becoming an oasis for weary life travelers. Couples we have counseled have returned to us to learn how to help others. I have mentored many women over the years.

I will let you in on a little secret.

I have learned far more from them than they have from me.

The Professional Bio


Jemelene Wilson writes about what it means to live gently and love passionately. She is deliriously in love with her husband, whom she’s known for over half of her life. Officially the mother of three, Mama Jem has also been known to mother those who just need some old-fashioned love. Conquering breast cancer and tackling grief have been her most recent focus.  Building an environment of grace is the foundation of her ministry as a pastor and mentor. Someday she may choose to act her age, but don’t count on it.

Mama Jem’s stories delve into the everyday, the extraordinary and everything in between. Join me here on the purple turquoise couch where we’ll tell stories, laugh, cry and eat together. I believe women should lift each other up and make room for more.

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