When Hope Meets Joy

How do you thrive after breast cancer, death in the family, and community trauma? Where do you find the last glimmers of hope to hold on through the darkest nights of your soul? Walking through grief and loss is not for the faint of heart but how do you keep going when you feel too weak to press on?

When Hope Meets Joy” is filled with powerful stories written from triumph over deep grief. This collection of essays, previously published at The Glorious Table, chronicles seasons of pain that leads the reader to find hope in the middle of storms. Her words are an artist’s brush gliding across the pages, painting scenes of pain and survival. We all need a fresh breath for our soul every once in a while.

“Such a beautiful book. You have given us all hope and encouraging words and thoughts to keep striving to become closer to God. Thank you my friend. What a blessing.”

Lavona – Amazon five-star review

“What an easy read. Each story has its own inspirational message. You can’t help but want to keep reading it. The author has of way of writing to make you feel as though you were experiencing it with her. As I finished the book, I found myself with a sense of relief or reassurance , that no matter what circumstances we may face…hope and joy will reunite again.”

A Library Keeper – Amazon five-star review

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