Why I Stopped Writing and Why I’m Starting Again
January 28, 2012

It seems like almost everyone has a blog these days. According to BlogPulse, there were 156 million blogs on the internet as of June 2011. It seems like everyone has something to talk about. The information superhighway has brought more knowledge to our fingertips in the last 25 years than we could have ever imagined “back in the olden days”. Unfortunately, along with the information, (not just blogs but Facebook, Twitter and their cousins) the amount of noise is almost deafening. I already have a hard time keeping clutter out of my home so you can imagine what you might find if you were to look through my brain. Piles of information that I may or may not use someday. Sometimes I’m just not sure where to put everything or how to make use of it but I want to try.

I stopped writing because I was having a hard time making sense and I couldn’t decide what to put where. Clouding those decisions were questions like “How does this sound?”, “How does this look” and the hardest question “Does anyone care?”. Then I got advice from my beautiful friend Sarah, who is young and articulate. She is a respected blogger who more is not only articulate but honest and speaks from the heart. She told me “Just write, darling. Just write. It will come eventually the way that it is supposed to come out.”

So, that is what I intend to do. I am going to write with one purpose, to share my heart on this journey. My desire is to do it without merely adding to the noise but to simply offer…


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  1. Anonymous

    I stopped writing for the very same reason. I also had to stop reading because everything I wrote sounded like someone else. I just wanna sound like me.

    I'm glad you started writing again. You have the gift. Just write it out. Blessings….Q.'


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