Why I Don’t Reject the Princess Title
January 29, 2014
We have referred to both of our daughters as princesses. Each one for different reasons but nevertheless, we have treated them with value. As Christ followers we believe we are children of The King so it has always made sense.
In the past year or so it seems en vogue to separate our daughters from the pressure of being a princess.
Perhaps it is the notion that all princesses are pampered, airheaded nitwits or or flat out entitled brats.
Maybe it’s just semantics.
Both of my daughters have redefined princess for me.

My elder princess is kind and strong and like so many others, she is often misunderstood. She creates beauty with music and paint and laughter. She uses her voice with a fierce loyalty to defend her friends but especially her sister.

She has been wounded by gossip and shunned by those who choose whose pride won’t allow them to see uniqueness as beauty.
The younger princess is brave and patient and stronger than any human being I know. Her disarming laugh and snaggletoothed grin softens the most painful of days. She wasn’t supposed to live to be nine and at the age of 14, she doesn’t seem to be leaving this earth anytime soon.
She has survived ignorance of the well educated and does not know how to hate, even those who disregard her value and her legacy.
My princesses slay dragons that most never face. My oldest knows compassion, my youngest is the recipient of her kindness.
Together we’ve learned to find the best in others, to use our blessings in lifting the burdens of others. We choose to stand firm defending what is right.
When Ray showed me this video, tears covered my face. It is full of the hope I want to young woman to know. The beauty of being strong and kind and brave is among the most lovely traits we can hope for our daughter or the wives of our sons.
This is not new and I’m not sure why I haven’t seen it yet but I can’t tell you how much I love it. (Don’t watch it yet, I’m still talking and I don’t want you to get distracted.) They apparently did a series of these couple of years ago.
To me the video is new, the sentiment is what we live everyday.

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  1. Jemelene

    We've never called our girls princess, but not on purpose. It's just that other nicknames ended up coming first, all on their own. We have Cuteness and Monkey at our house! Of course, my girls have been princesses many times, and in many forms. Have you ever seen a Pirate Princess? I have. They happen to be adorable. 🙂

    When I came across the first "anti-princess"

  2. Jemelene

    That is such a great point! It really is the heart that matters most.
    I completely understand the reason some would struggle with the title when it means something different to them. I can agree that we don't want to raise entitled young women who feel as if they need to be catered to. I certainly don't want the belief that everyone is here to serve me perpetuated either.


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