What Rest Looked Like
August 22, 2012

Last week I posted my “before” of what I looked like heading into a time of rest by taking a short sabbatical from blogs, social media and the internet in general. It was a suggestion from SheLoves Magazine along with a gorgeous writing on grace. This was something I had been craving for some time without impetus to pursue it.

My initial temptation was to begin that day, jump in and just do it. I chose the better path. To actually plan ahead, making sure I didn’t have any communication needs that might arise. I could truly cut myself off from all electronics in order to settle in to let my mind and spirit rest.

The morning started with my usual cup of coffee, The Princess was put on the bus for her last day of Summer School and I nestled into the quiet.

As steam swirled upward from my giant mug, I sunk back in to the pillows stacked on my headboard. Pretzel crossing my legs, I picked up my 27 year old bible, the one my Mom gave me when I was in the darkest days of my prodigal years. The binding is cracked halfway up from the bottom. I gingerly opened it to that day’s reading and marveled at the peaceful simplicity of actually holding this treasure in my hands. This sacred book of hope and promise had been set aside in favor of the ease of picking up my iPod. Sometimes I would scroll through my daily readings, honestly many times I was checking Facebook. Even on the days I used it to read the bible, I was missing something.

Crinkling pages
Notes handwritten in the margins
Rainbow underlines
The feel of leather in my hands
Multiple senses engaging in a pursuit of intimacy with my God

As I slowly shifted into the sheets, I became reverent, peaceful and satisfied. This was a holy moment. Not my holiness but His filled the room. Sensing His presence all over again. Hearing the love He was speaking to me. Those things He is always saying but I am too busy to hear. Too often seeking the affirming words of others who are also hoping for the same thing. It was a priceless moment of feeling His touch. It fed me. It healed me. It moved me.

The entire time of rest that I had intentionally chosen, the separation from spiritual and emotional noise, lit a spark in my soul. Returned a hunger that I had forsaken. Without the one dimension of online interaction I was free to look into the face of a friend. We enjoyed a meal, laughter and an entire conversation with no breaks until it was time to go back home. But I didn’t go straight home. I drove to the church office, just to get a glimpse of The Coffee Guy on the way home. To hold his hands, look into his eyes and bypass the usual text message, declaring my love in person. It blessed him, I could tell.

My time of abiding bore fruit. Sweetness I could share embodied in peace. In being settled with who I am and even better, whose I am.
This past weekend I returned from vacation. As I visited with friends and family, I did so with passion, with freedom. The best part was being able to value the moment. The gift of the present. The multidimensional world in front of me where emotions are not read into but felt together. The moments of missteps and miscues could be followed by real life grace and forgiveness. Living life in real time with a fresh perspective, that was true rest.


PS You should check out SheLoves Mag! There are so many lovely women who have something deep and meaningful to say and this month they are encouraging rest.

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  1. Jennifer Upton

    "The multidimensional world in front of me where emotions are not read into but felt together."
    What a beautiful piece of writing you have shared in your space today. I have never visited you before, but I am so happy I did today. We find beautiful treasures when we are intentional in our looking with rested eyes. It is a truly beautiful way for one to live. I pray you continue to

  2. hopejem

    Jennifer, When I say I am pleased to meet you I mean REALLY pleased to meet you. I am so glad you stopped by today. I am looking forward to the inspiration of your layers. Just a few minutes of your story has already brought light into my day and fresh air to my soul. Bless you new friend. Bless you.


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