What Is Saving My Life Right Now?
July 26, 2012
Joy comes from within

Pure joy. Joy that comes with being settled to the very core of my being. It is where peace erupts from the depths of grace. It splatters like a fountain of emotion. It can’t be held back. Even when the world seems covered in a dark blanket of hopelessness, joy brings light to the corners of my forgotten places. From the carefree delight I knew as a kid to the hilarious laughter of newlyweds in a cramped fourplex to the glorious wonder of holding my child for the first time.

Joy has been released in my soul by the discovery of grace the way the Creator intended. Grace that truly forgives. Grace that releases the offenses, the hurts and the broken places so healing can begin. Grace that reveals the worth in another. Grace that gives strength produces hope for the future.

No one can earn grace. It is favor that has been given to us, not just as part of forgiveness but I believe it has been given to us to heal. Not just the grace we receive but the grace we give. You don’t qualify for grace by following a set of man made rules.

So much of the church is fighting loudly these days. Fighting with the world, fighting with other churches, fighting with themselves. Everyone trying so hard to prove they are right. All of that effort for what? Having all the answers doesn’t increase the worth of a person and it doesn’t bring peace. It doesn’t bring us close to the Savior of our souls.

Joy through the gift of grace is dissolving my need to be right, to be heard, to be validated. My only need these days is to stay sane enough to be a safe place for those tossed by the craziness of this world. I no longer have a need to convince anyone that I am right. I only need to love them. That means everyone. That means sinners. Yes, unrepentant sinners. After all, Jesus died for us before we knew Him, “while we were yet sinners”. These things bring deep joy.

I don’t have to be perfect to be loved and neither do you.
This gives me joy.
This is saving me.



This is my contribution to the “What is saving your life right now?” synchroblog at Sarah Bessey‘s blog. Click here to be inspired.

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