What Is Saving ME Right Now?
August 3, 2012

A week ago I shared that joy and grace is saving my life. Reading many of the posts in the synchroblog was refreshing, life affirming, peaceful. It was worth writing and worth reading.

As I was rereading through it hit me, it isn’t just my life that is being saved.

I am being saved
I am being set free
I am living abundantly

That’s what Jesus came for right? He said “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10b) So the gift of live he gives is not just for eternity but for the here and now!

I am made for joy
I am made for grace
I am made to love

My life, although it is woven with dark colors and sometimes painful patterns, is full of vibrant hues. 

My life is full of color
My soul is full of song
My heart is full of praise

Jesus is saving me right now. He is saving who I am while here on this earth. The purifying of difficult days is giving me intimacy with a loving Creator. He knows more about me than any of you yet he adores me. He knows my flaws and loves me completely.

As The Coffee Guy tells me, I am “His favorite”. 

Oh, just so you know, you are His favorite too.



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