Trying Not To Miss The Point
December 5, 2009
I realize that while I have a cold, I have a great opportunity to just sit and rest. I have been catching up on some surfing and listening to Christmas music. Online sermons are great to catch up on the Sundays we have missed as well. One particular site I have been perusing and trying to make a decision (never an easy task for me) about a child or family to bless this season.
Wish Upon A Hero is a beautiful idea that brings kind hearted individuals to the rescue of individuals caught in a hard time. Little or large, there is a vast array of wishes from cards to large sums of money to help with car repairs, medical treatments, etc. I am finding it hard to listen with my heart and not my jaded view from working in the ER. I want to find someone who wants a few simple things for their children. I thought I had found one until I clicked on their wish list. It had no less than 45 items, two were $178 ride on toys and one was a digital TV. It truly saddened me. This person has very little chance of finding joy in things. Like many pleas on the site, she wants her child to have a nice Christmas.
A “nice Christmas” includes those you love around you as healthy as possible. Harmony, warmth and joy should be the goal, not things that rust and fall apart. Now it isn’t that I would mind sending this little girl a little something, I was looking for someone who is truly in need, not “want”. Then again, it isn’t the little girl’s fault that mommy doesn’t get it.
My wish for this family and many like hers is to find the real meaning in gifts of life and the enormous blessing of things we take for granted like good health! I also know that sometimes not getting what you want clears the way to getting what we need.

This photo of the Princess was taken at home after several hours of trying to coordinate a studio session. Its a reminder to me to appreciate the simple and beautiful things that last.


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