The Year of Lasts
April 22, 2010

As parents we spend a lot of time photographing, journaling and videotaping our children’s firsts. First steps, first words, first spinach, first dayS of school, first dateS, first jobS are all celebrated with victorious applause. This year, our Ray of Sunshyne is celebrating a year of “lasts”.

Last first day of school,

last high school drama performance,

last marching band half time show,

and this morning, sending her on her last choir tour (at 6:45 a.m.!).
This is far from the end of our “lasts”. In the very near future, we have the last prom, last day of school, last day living at home and more. Some lasts we anticipate while some aren’t noticed until long after the fact.

All of this of course is bittersweet. This is what we hope for our children. We hope they will get to grow up, become responsible adults and move on into the world. I am keenly aware that far too many families have children that will not experience this for one reason or another but the majority will. Many will realize too late that those years ahead were much shorter than we thought. Anything we might have put off has passed us by.

Today’s encouragement is this, whatever place you are at in your life today, savor it. Like my friend Sarah, savor the morning routine. Justin and Victoria know that although the firsts are taking their time getting here, every day is to be celebrated. Then there is my friend Abbie who along with her husband, just added their fourth child to the family but takes time every day to tackle the small things. My reading list of blogs is filled with women who inspire me, bless me and remind me again of how precious every moment is. I in turn (being the “older woman”) hope to inspire the younger women as well to take those moments I took for granted over the last 18+ years and capture them. Take mental photographs, images that are for no one but yourself. Life turns on a dime and today really is all we have. This moment is all we truly get to hold on to and even then it really is only a moment.

Thanks for indulging me today. It is my time of life to get reflective, misty eyed and downright emotional. I am blessed beyond measure with this life I’ve been given. It is not without pain, trials or regrets but its full of purpose, joy and peace.


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  1. Sarah@EmergingMummy

    Oh, Jem…you made me all weepy. So beautiful. I'm thankful to have women in my life like you.

  2. Amber

    I found you through Victoria's "community"…I love this post. My oldest is entering high school in the fall and I already feel like I'm entering the "lasts"!
    Thanks for reminding us to live in the moment…and nice to "meet" you. :0)


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