The Weight of Comparisons and Judgement
September 28, 2012

I caught a conversation on Twitter tonight. The topic was women and how they often think marriage is going to complete their lives. They are unsatisfied with staying single and become disillusioned once they do get married.

One theory was that so many married couples put forth an image of perfection that is intimidating. When compared to the reality in our own lives, we feel like utter failures. The bar is set really high.

The truth is, even the most vibrant unions aren’t flawless. They have strength through adversity. When faced with trials and pain, it’s the couples with durability that form the deep bonds of affection that so many desire. Even knowing this it’s hard to allow others to see that. Very few want to show off the grit in their lives. Especially when most couples work hard to look like they have it all together.

In an earlier post titled “Discussing Weighty Matters” I chronicled my journey of battling issues of weight loss, gain, value and esteem. My belief is that we spend so much time comparing ourselves to others. We allow those around us to set a standard for life, love, beauty and worth that is based on performance. We give little leeway for human frailty and make up our own definition of failure. We forget that those women that have those enviable bodies are just as human inside as we are.

If we could really see inside the lives of those we envy, we may very well have more reason to feel satisfied with our own lives. When I see someone through he eyes of disgust and judgement, it’s time to ask their Creator to show me how He sees them. How can we judge someone’s heart by what we see on the outside? A better question, by what authority do we stand on to judge another?

I am convinced that if we see them the way God sees them, we would fall on our knees with compassion, grace and mercy. The same goes for ourselves, when we desire what someone else has, the Lord wants us to see how He sees us.

You are a valuable creation. You are made in His image. His desire is to have a relationship with you full of joy and peace.



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