The Tattoo
May 24, 2012

Well, I did it and it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.

It looks good too.

I have feared what people might say.

Will people be too quick to judge?

I went anyway and I’m glad I did.

Oh, wait, no. I didn’t get one. Ray did. It is her second. I prayed, pondered and yes, pontificated. (Not really, I just like alliteration) I did what any loving mother would do. I tried to talk her out of it. “It is permanent” I insisted. “What if you don’t like it in ten years? Remember ten years ago when you were 10? Would you wear the same things now?” She wouldn’t budge. She had already put down the deposit, made the appointment and there was a half price sale. It was one she has wanted for a long time and she knew what she wanted and where she wanted it.

Then it happened.

She asked me to go with her.

After telling her I would think about it. I prayed. I asked for wisdom and strength. Then I thought about it.

She is 20, married, working, smart with her money, intelligent, unique, an individual and so much more.

Knowing how I felt, she still wanted me to go. That told me something huge. As a parent I have always wanted my children to grow up to be unique, independent, kind, caring and she is. She chose a reputable place, an artist with a good reputation and she asked me to go with her and that spoke volumes.

It told me she trusts me.

It said “I know you love me no matter what Mom”.

It yelled “Thank you for letting me be me”.

It reminded me that who she is on the inside is so much more than the body she is in for such a short time.

“It’s you and me against the World”
A message to her husband that
they are on the same side

So I went and you know what it did?

It gave us one more memory to treasure in our hearts forever.

That was worth it all.



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  1. Hope

    Hi Hope, I came across you on the Deeper Link up on tattoos. I love this post about your daughter inviting you to be with her while she got hers. My son got his first tattoo underage and without our permission, then hid it from us for a month. Not a great intro to the world of tattoos. Ha! But now I have one and love it!
    I like your blog and am your newest follower! Susie

  2. Hope

    Welcome Susie! I hope you will enjoy it here!


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