The Sound of His Voice and the Honking of Horns?
July 14, 2011
The second call came in this morning and what I heard was beautiful. The voice of The Coffee Guy with numerous horns in the background. He was speaking to me on a cell phone outside of the his host’s residence. What touched me was the excitement in his voice. With all of the preparation and work to get ready for this trip, I truly forgot how amazing this trip will be for him and by extension, for me as well.
There is nothing about this that is easy for either of us. From the time he left our driveway to the door of the home where he will stay was 54 hours. Very long flights, a five hour layover in a foreign airport and a harrowing drive for over six hours in the dark. I think of that when The Princess screams at the top of her lungs starting at 1 a.m. for 2 hours with unexplained pain. When it seems like sleep is elusive, I think of my husband giving up several hours of rest in order to help pastors of small villages on the other side of the world to minister to their hungry congregations.
He shared stories of the trip, the restaurant they ate at and the meal his host prepared for dinner. They visited the local church where believers met in a building as small our living room. Thankfully he was able to get some sleep as well. Tomorrow (our tonight) they will head an hour out to an all day pastor’s conference where all of the work he has been doing will finally be shared. Hopefully tonight their internet will be up (we are so spoiled) and he can send photos to share.
Continue to pray for their safety and for energy to keep up with the difficult pace. Also, pray for Allison’s health. As a mom I can tell something is a little “off”, I just can’t tell what at the moment. I am hoping it will resolves itself and I will get some sleep too. Nobody really wants me to be cranky.


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