The Ornament I Could Have Waited For
December 24, 2009

We have a growing collection of special ornaments. It started back when my brother passed away suddenly in the midst of my wedding preparations. One of the beautiful arrangements that came held a bird in a nest. My Mom’s dearest friend, (we call her Auntie Fran) made a beautiful ornament to display every year. Ever since, when someone close passes away, we honor them with an ornament that reflects or depicts them in some way.
For several weeks, I have known that we were going to get one to to remember Mom but what? How do you depict a person that touched so many people’s lives in different ways. She was a mentor to young moms, a friend to other women, a gentle grandmother, forgiving mother and devoted wife. One option was a Hallmark® frame that spoke of “remembering” those not with us. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It just wasn’t right. I don’t have to be reminded that Mom isn’t here. It is painfully obvious.
Today, on Christmas Eve, while running a last minute errand, I found one. One that speaks of family as the people we love and cherish. A tribute that keeps her love in the present. The legacy that she has passed on that will warm our Christmas this year. So although I would have rather waited, event hough I wanted her to still be here, we will remember why she is missed, not just that she is missed.


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