The Blessing of a Father
August 23, 2012

Spend just a short amount of time with me and it will become evident that I love most things Disney. I grew up a few miles from the original Disneyland and never truly appreciated the magic. When we took our first child it became a brand new place. Taking The Princess was a game changer. We had spent so many times in hospitals and clinics that being in a place where we felt protected filled me up. She could do the same things other kids her age. Her chair was no longer an impediment. She even seemed more alert. If you have taken a child with disabilities to a Disney Park, you immediately know what I mean.

One of my favorite places in any of the parks is the castle. It is bustling with families trying to get photos, standing on the bridge looking over into the water and heading in to see what kind of excitement lies just past the gates. In Disneyland, the original center of the park is marked by a gold spike just as you walk through and enter Fantasyland.

Last February, Ray and I took a quick trip to celebrate “One More Day” for the Leap Year celebration. It was just us two girls this time. When my Dad found out we were coming, he begged to go with us (he didn’t have to beg, we were thrilled to have him).

Ray snapped the above photo as we entered Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. I was just a little girl the first time I walked across that bridge with my Daddy. On this day, the little girl in me would not be contained. There we were, filling our souls with laughter and carefree moments of the day. We know all too well the importance of treasuring every fresh experience together. I will always be his little girl.

Today is Dad’s 82nd birthday. We celebrate his life filled with rich stories of growing up in the depression, raised by a single parent and finding deep faith at an early age. We remember the true love story he lived out with Mom. Most of all, we know all too well the treasure we have here on earth with a Father who still prays, still serves and still loves with all of his heart.

Happy Birthday Daddio!

Your Angelpie

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