The Beauty of Food

Someone may as well say it: I enjoy food.


No, I really enjoy food.









I savor every part of it.

Sadly, as a woman in this culture, there is pressure to deny that food brings pleasure. Go to a party, a celebration or a funeral. Food is almost always there. Scroll through Pinterest and you’ll find decadent recipes next to a myriad of diet plans.

Talk about your mixed messages. What’s a girl like me to do? How do I come to grips with the dueling expectations of providing tasty, attractive and nourishing meals to friends and family and at the same time pretend that starving myself is a better path?

I won’t do it anymore.

No. I can’t do it anymore.

Maybe it’s my age or my stage in life. Whatever it is, it isn’t worth it.

Food is for celebration. Life is worth celebrating.

Yes, food is nourishment, but how better to feed the soul than breaking bread with a friend, a child or a lover?

Join me as we:

Set a nice table.

Prepare fresh, healthy, sweet, savory, farm-grown food.

Teach our children the enjoyment of sharing a meal.

Add spices. So many spices that they hang in the air, in our mouths, in our memories.

Pour a drink for refreshment or relaxation.

Nourish hearts with words, music and silence.

Bless the food, bless each other, bless God.

Bless the God of the feast.

Praise the God who broke bread and poured wine.

Remember Him as we do.

As we come together, face to face, let’s turn off our devices, our tablets, our laptops and phones. Let’s connect over a table, a picnic blanket or a paper plate in our laps. Eye to eye and laugh to laugh as we join our hearts with stories.

A week from today, The News-Review will print the first of many Douglas County Moms articles, all about food. When a request for volunteers came through, I threw up my hand before I could chicken out. I knew that I needed to make peace with my love of cooking. Every other Tuesday, you’ll find various articles written by myself and other moms in the food section. I hope you’ll join us as we share from our hearts and homes. You are sure to pick up some great ideas or a recipe or two!

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