Thankfulness Journal – Days 15 to 19 – Beautiful Busy Week
November 28, 2012

Day 15 ~ The Coffee Guy arrived home from his conference. He immediately began helping me pack for my trip the next morning. We chattered on about all of the amazing things God showed him. I am thankful he made it home safe.

Day 16 ~ After months of planning I rented a car and headed north towards Seattle and stayed with friends who always have room no matter what is going on in their lives. I was greeted by my friend’s son who was packing to move with his wife and two kidlets to Arizona for a seasonal job. As usual, we stayed up late talking even though I had big plans for the next day.

I am thankful for the love and hospitality of friends.

Day 17 ~ Gina from Texas showed up and we drove north to meet some amazing women. These saints not only support their husbands in ministry but they all have beautiful gifts of service that they bless the world with every day.

We stopped at a delightful tea room where we took an hour or two to get to know each other in person. From there we went to the home of our sweet hostess Jada. She cooked authentic Cajun food as we took part in a video chat with friends from around the world.

The sad note of the day was the absence of our dear Sarah. She arranged this whole meeting but true to her character, stayed home to bless her ailing husband. She chose him and as she often does, she chose well but we missed her greatly.

I am thankful for the soul rest given by sharing your burdens with others.

Day 18 ~ We woke in the morning to the smell of good coffee. As we soaked in the slow morning, we gathered around bowls of fresh oatmeal piled with nuts and berries. Each of us drew in more beauty of each woman whose wisdom and strength are drawn from the same grace giving source.
Gina and I hugged our friends as we left for our adventure in Seattle.

We made our way to Pikes Place Market for a Sunday stroll. After lunch at Elephant & Castle (an English pub style restaurant) to pay homage to G’s British husband, we walked back to the market to pick up some flowers, coffee and a few more snapshots.

That afternoon we parted company. I settled back in at my friend’s quiet home as Gina made her way back to her sister’s to prepare for her early morning flight the next day.

That night my friend and I watched a tearjerker movie as we sunk into her inviting couch. Again we stayed up late talking, listening and blessing the night with God’s gift of lasting friendship.
I am thankful for stepping out of the everyday to find treasures in other corners of the world.

Day 19 ~ It was time to head home. After a delectable breakfast I bid my friend farewell, programmed Nigel (the British voice on my GPS) to make my way toward the interstate.
The six hour drive turned into eight through the driving rain that followed me the entire way. I pulled over to have lunch and relax a little before finishing the drive home. I listened to a couple of Mary DeMuth interviews to find encouragement as well.
Dinner was waiting with a lovely table setting. Sitting across from my husband was the most delightful moment of the day. He listened to my chattering as I unfolded the excitement of the weekend for him to share with me. He told me of his “daddy-daughter date night” that turned into a deep discussion with Ray about life, faith and love. My heart soared.

I am thankful for safety, provision and the gifts that my Creator pours into my soul.

I intend had hoped to catch up days 20 to 28 soon. Although I haven’t posted everyday, I have been thankful every moment.



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