Thankfulness Journal – Days 10 & 11 – Rest
November 12, 2012

The past two days have been set aside for rest. Yesterday I attended a one day Cleansing Stream retreat. This morning we attended church by way of the internet because The Princess wasn’t 100% yet.
Since we are in the ministry, it was rest because we could just sit here on our comfy couch, worship and pray from here.
Next week, I will be joining some of my imaginary pastor wife friends for a long awaited meeting. We will be having a form of church on those days as well.

I love church
I love how God calls me to rest
I am thankful that He meets me right here

My friend Tiffany wrote this beautiful post on Sundays. You really should go by and read her beautiful words. She is walking in a dark valley of her life. You will find her writings raw and inspiring. You will find yourself thankful too.



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