Thankfulness Journal-Day 1-Love That Surrounds Me
November 2, 2012

I’m joining with others to post what I’m thankful for every day this month. Please join me in celebrating the gifts, blessings and beauty of this grace filled life.

While sitting here this afternoon, taking in the day and all that means, I heard something beautiful through the monitor from my youngest daughter’s room. I heard the voice of love.

The Princess can take a great deal of care throughout the day. In order to avoid burnout she has been appointed an “In Home Support” worker. Ours is set up to come in twice a day. In the morning she arrives early, changes her diapers (sometimes sheets), sets up her feeding pump, cleans her and gets her ready for school. This includes brushing hair and teeth which at times is a bit like combat with flailing legs or arms to dodge.

In the afternoon, our support workers get her off the bus, set up her pump for afternoon feedings, wash laundry and tidy the work station. They usually put on a movie for her as well. Sometimes they fit a bath in and get her ready for bed.

The attendant of the day happens to be her big sister. Her amazing sister who went off, got married and doesn’t live her anymore comes everyday and loves on her. I get to listen in on their conversations. To the casual observer they may be one sided but Ray understands her sister. Like what I hear about many sisters, they understand each other in ways that others won’t.

So the happy “How was your day?” and “Oh my goodness, what are you doing with that on?” and the giggles that follow, fills me heart and brings me joy.

Most of all today, it makes me grateful for the unconventional way that God built our family. He took years of infertility, hospital stays, broken adoptions, typical parenting heartaches and has given us beauty in His own miraculous way. He has used every twist and turn to mold, shape and show us how much He adores us.



PS In this middle of this writing i heard a voice call up the stairs: “Mom, take a break. We want to show you something.” She had pulled up YouTube on the television and they were watching one of our favorite shows, World of Color from Disneyland. Ray had promised her sister she could watch it when she was done with her after school feeding. I was happy to join them!

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    Lovely. 🙂


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