Strengthening Your Soul and Mind

For the past week I’ve been rising at my normal time of day. I grab my journal and begin to write. In cursive I let thoughts spill out into the pages without structure or prompts.

It has been a life breathing practice.

In the past I’ve used the time to catch up on email, social media and often my scripture reading for the day. The latter being the best choice to move forward with a good attitude. The first two aven’t always set the day in order in a good way.

What has turned beautiful is the ability to pour out first to give room for what I need to take in. The spaces in my soul were getting crowded with tangled thoughts needing to be unwound.

Without a doubt, nighttime is my worst time to try and make sense of anything. It is no doubt the time of day I need to just exhale the moments of life that have added up.

As moms we most definitely need to take the moments of our day to speak out the thoughts piling up. Not everyone can compartmentalize or even organize the pieces of life that build up. I suppose that’s why we often feel overwhelmed as if we are thought hoarders. We let things pile up into our hearts and minds until we can’t sort them out. We let things pile up like old food in the fridge. Some things can be consumed while others just rot and need to be thrown out.

Mommas need outlets. We have so much to offer in the way of kind words, beauty and strength. We just can’t get there if we don’t make room.

Dear Momma, take some quiet moments for yourself. Purpose to write whatever flows out of your heart on to the pages. Whether it be your whispered prayers, your shouted praises or your wandering thoughts, take the time to just let it out.

Every morning since I started this I have had a song in my heart. All but one day have been songs of worship and praise (one was a random love song that cycled through Pandora one too many times the day before.) I start with writing out my song and then whatever comes after that is where I go.

After that I began to allow things back in through Scripture, music and other information. I’m able to skim through information I’m able to deal with in a better way.

Do you journal or keep track of your thoughts? Do you take time for quiet moments and unshared thoughts?

We all need strength to take on the day. Maybe you’ll find it in your own words.


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