Stepping Into Ministry
November 19, 2009

This morning in my Life Journal I was led to Matthew 1-4. I was impressed by the fact that before Jesus went into public ministry He was tempted in the wilderness. He had been baptized by John the Baptist, chapter 4 states He was “led by the Spirit to be tempted by the devil” and after a time of fasting and when He rejected the temptations, it says (v11) ” Then the devil left Him, and behold, angels came and ministered to Him.” At this point, His earthly ministry begins.
So many of us feel ready for ministry when in our human wisdom we have gone through the steps laid out for us. We feel we have proved ourselves. I have seen many who are discouraged because a pastor hasn’t appointed them or they haven’t been hired to a position that they are certain they qualify. I myself have been baffled by being overlooked to teach a particular study. Jesus wasn’t discouraged or baffled. No one was, has ever been or will ever be as qualified to teach as Jesus was yet He was still tested. Why should we be different?
In our preparation for ministry, we need to remember that everyday holds opportunity to reach into the lives or others. If we are focusing on the One we want to bring to others, He will bring people to us who need Him. He will allow us to confront temptation (with His protection of course), be tested and permitted to grow in areas we didn’t know still needed development.
Our current sermon series has been focused on Joseph’s life and ministry which can be found in Genesis 37-45. What has stood out to me the most is that Joseph knew early on that the Lord had called him to minister to His people. There had to be some moments where Joseph wondered if God hadn’t passed the word on to those who seemed to derail the plans. Instead, Joseph trusted the Lord, continuing to serve Him and wait for the time He would be used. In hindsight we are able to see how Joseph was put in a position to save his people during the famine.
Where are you in your journey? Are you trusting that God has your destiny in His hands? Do you question at times whether or not those around recognize God’s plan in your life?
Tomorrow I will get more personal and share some of my journey towards my destiny. Stay tuned…


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