Stepping Into Ministry-Part II
November 20, 2009

When I speak of ministry I am referring to all Christ followers. We have all been called to minister in some way or another. We are being equipped daily to reach into the lives of others and to bring light into a very dark world. From the day that we commit our lives to Him and become born again (John 3:7b) we are destined to minister. Just like our physical life, as we grow we gain more ability, as we mature we are given more responsibility, our spiritual growth is much the same. We learn lessons both spoken and through experience. As  children, there were many lessons we learn by being told and simply believing our parents, others had to be learned the hard way.

My dear friend has great examples in her four children. Her oldest had to test daily if the limits were still there. The next one just needed to test every so often but found comfort in boundaries. The third was compliant and faced things on an emotional level and the fourth understands on a logical level. We can sit in church, listen to sermons and act on the principles taught. There are many of us who have to “try it out” first. The beauty is that the Lord knows our learning styles. He knew that allowing me to have a birth mark and subsequent scar on my face would give me compassion for children who are teased  far more than a lesson or lecture would have. As a young woman, I knew in my head that infertility would be a sad thing but until I walked that path for years, I couldn’t truly be used to comfort a woman as she grieved the loss. If I had been able to give birth to more children, I most likely wouldn’t have pursued the adoption of the Princess, who has taught me more about faith and trust than anyone else in my life.

Whatever trial you have faced or are experiencing at this moment, you can be sure that it won’t be discarded but be used to make something beautiful. It may be the catalyst to form a deep relationship, minister to a hurting person or spur on someone giving them hope. Be sure that if you submit it to your Creator, you will be given the freedom to be a blessing to others. On this earth we may never know why but in faith and trust, we can allow it to be used to bless the lives of others. Joseph was used to save his people. How will you be used? Will you allow peace to invade your soul?


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