Speak: How Your Story Can Change the World (A Book Review)
August 6, 2014

Almost a week ago I stood in front of a group of women and told a story I’ve only spoken of in public one time before. I gulped a large amount of air and just told it to a room of saints who dabbed their eyes. Compassionate glances met mine knowing I had just acknowledged a burden I’ve carried for close to thirty years. A tale of regret and sadness that needs to be told because hope follows a life changing parable.

I’m a word and story person. The parables Jesus told have always been a dear reminder of how loved I am, how sovereign He is and how we are called to action through the storytelling process. I decided a long time ago to write more stories and less “lessons” to let life’s meaning speak for itself.

In her book titled  Speak,  Nish Weiseth weaves her own stories through the stories of others. She does it in a way that proves the theory through the inventive format of this book. The stories themselves are life changing on their own but placed side by side with the author’s own journey, the beauty of story being poured out in front of you becomes alive. It proves that our story connects us to each other and moves us to change the world with what we have in us already.

Nish echoes my soul cry about being kind to each other. She makes great points about the validity of meeting in person. Really knowing the storyteller and letting ourselves be known allows for deeper meaning and relationships with each other.

The book is clearly written to encourage the reader to not only seek out the stories of others but to open up our stories to inspire our own hearts as well as those who will listen. Nish encourages the reader to seek out the stories of others, not just the popular speakers and best selling authors but those beautiful faces that greet you in the every day places.

 Speak is about creating and allowing honest connection. It’s about satisfying the God given craving to embrace life and reach others whose arms seem to tired for embracing. Like the Samaritan woman at the well who finally found true clean refreshment her soul needed.

For a long time I only shared the stories of others because I thought they said it better than I did. The words in these pages have renewed my belief about the value in the thousand stories tucked inside me sometimes ordinary life.

I cozied into my favorite chair at the coffee shop to read Speak. I’m inspired not only to write more but to let my everyday words reach into those put in my path each day. I’m motivated to listen for stories that will intersect mine and maybe even change the world around me.

( I received an electronic copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. I received no compensation and the thoughts and opinions are completely my own.)

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