Something to Smile About
October 2, 2012
Sweet Feet
Before we met our The Princess, one of the things we had been told besides having a cleft palate, heart murmur and possible deafness was that she had club feet. As it turns out, she didn’t. She has a “rocker bottom foot” which just means she doesn’t have an arch. From day one we have called her “Sweet Feet” among other nicknames (we are a nickname kind of family).

Ray took this before sending her off to school one day last week. She was having fun with the new socks. Ray is one of our “in-home support” workers. What a deal to be able to hire her to come in daily to get her little sister ready for school. It has helped to cut down on fatigue and avoid burnout. It gives them time together. They adore each other.


This is Mr. and Mrs. Ray’s youngest cat. This is the view when Ray woke up one morning. A couple of weeks ago he went missing for two days. You can see why we all panicked.

Saturday Brunch

 Twice last month we were able to have the Mr. and Mrs. Ray over for Saturday brunch. I would do it every week if I could. Finally we decided that we would do it every chance we got rather than an all or nothing kind of deal. Both times it was bliss.

Leonidas and The Cheat
Just threw that in to make you say awwwww.

7th Grader Extraordinaire 
We will end with The Princess on her way to school. I’m pretty sure her sister was missing Disneyland that day. (Yeah, alright, we all were…)

Thought it was time to lighten the mood.



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