So Many Changes!
January 17, 2014

I’m getting a makeover!

Okay, not me really. It’s time to turn my blog into a website. It is way past time that it start reflecting me and the stories within.

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You see, I’ve been wondering for a long time what direction I should take with my writing. You know, should I just pick one topic and stick with it? Should my readers be able to show up and know what to expect?

Here is the thing, I am a multi faceted woman. Like a diamond, I shine when the light hits and the intensity will be different every time. That means my stories are going to come from a bit of everywhere.

The Coffee Guy is incredibly supportive. He sees value in the stories that my Creator has placed in me. The hope that lies within me needs a place to rest, to get out and find its way into the hearts of others.

Some have already noticed some changes. (The site name for one) There will be a few more before I settle into a new home on the web.

There still needs to be some renovations and decorating decisions. Like remodeling a house, it may take a bit of time but my desire is to make a place to find comfort and rest and as always…..


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  1. Jemelene

    I love makeovers!

  2. Jemelene

    Cool. Have fun with it!


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