Snap, Post, Share or Put it Down

Sometimes it happens on accident, but recently it’s become intentional.

Either way it leaves me moments that are mine alone as well as sharing memories with someone by my side.

In the age of social media, I’m as guilty as the next person when it comes to over-sharing. I love a good Instagram or Tweet.

Last Friday night we had friends over to celebrate Allison’s big accomplishment of leaving the school she has been at for nine years to enter Roseburg High in the fall.

I handed my camera to a friend who always gets the good shots. She knows us so it’s not hard for her to see what’s important in our moments.

…when I put the camera down I find myself drinking it in.

As she left, she handed me the camera with a big hug and said she got some great shots.

If only I had put the memory card back in the slot.

It took me an hour after the party to realize my mistake.

I was so sad to have nothing to share, nothing to post or save.

Several months ago Russ and I started deliberately leaving our camera at home. While on a short getaway to the coast we said, “This one is just for us.”

You have to know, I adore the ocean. Over the years some of my favorite pictures were taken of waves, rocks and sand. Driftwood has a beautiful texture and the blue skies bring color and life.

I love capturing it, but when I put the camera down I find myself drinking it in. Smelling the ocean, feeling the sand between my toes and hearing the waves crash against the shore.

I am more aware of the hand I’m holding and the laughter we are creating.

Sometimes you have to stop recording life in order to enjoy what’s in front of you. Those are the times you capture them in your heart for you and the one your with to keep sacred.

These are your moments to keep. You don’t have to share.

My friend reminded me that I was able to sit back, enjoy my daughter and play with the children around me.

That is captured in my heart, no gigabytes required!

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