Smoothies make tasty, on-the-go breakfasts

About 16 months ago I started closing in on taking control of my health. I decided to make deliberate, steady changes to most of what I ate. Mostly, it was a matter of working with my own body to develop a healthy lifestyle tailored for me.

One key to my success has been adding more plant-based foods to my meals. Lunch and dinner were easy, because I love a good salad. Homemade vinaigrette, lean meat and colorful veggies make me feel spoiled. There wasn’t a problem adjusting there.

Breakfast was another story.

On the days I’m called in to substitute at school, I can’t always sit down to breakfast. If I skip the meal, my brain and metabolism gang up and go on strike. I have to have something quick. Yet staying away from simple carbohydrates means I’m not grabbing toast like I once did.

Growing up, we often drank a glass of powdered breakfast drink mixed in milk. I suppose it was our version of a instant meal. I don’t eat processed food, so that wasn’t an option for me, either. But the answer wasn’t too far away.

My go-to breakfast is a smoothie. If I prepare my ingredients ahead of time, I can be done in less than 10 minutes. I pour it into my cup with a lid and off I go. When I’m not in a hurry, I sip mine in a frosty glass. Either way I have a tasty, filling breakfast that keeps me feeling great all morning.

Smoothies are versatile. You can adjust them to your nutritional needs as well as taste. It’s easy because you can mix and match your ingredients. It’s no secret: I like to play with my food. Smoothies give me choices and still make me feel great!


Spinach is a healthy option for smoothies.

Adding half a frozen banana will sweeten a smoothie made from green veggies.


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