Sharing Mom’s Caramel Corn Recipe and Directions
December 28, 2012
My mom’s Caramel Corn is legendary
She was hired to make this several
years in a row for a local doctor
who wanted to give it as gifts
It’s not only really good
it is really easy

I’ve made it four times this season so I decided while
I was making it tonight I’d share it with you!

The Coffee Guy took photos tonight
I think he just wanted to be near me
He wanted to be there when the
Caramel Corn came out of the oven
It was a win win for me

Get your roaster out
You will want to use it
I like a wooden spoon

Start with 20 cups of popped popcorn
I always pop my own on the stove
I get 15 cups out of 1/2 cup of kernels

On the stove I combine
Brown sugar, Butter and Corn Syrup
Bring to a medium boil
Let it bubble for 5 minutes

While that is happening

I add a cup of peanuts

Then I add another cup
because I like peanuts

I measure out the Cream of Tartar
and the Baking Soda so it is ready

I mix it together

It has been five minutes of medium boil

Quickly sprinkle in the soda and tartar
Mix it in quickly

It gets foamy
It rises
Keep stirring until you know
it is all mixed in

Pour it all over the top

All of it
(I use a rubber scraper to get it all)

Stir it in

Be gentle
You don’t want to pulverize it

Put it in a 250 degree oven
Set one timer for 40 minutes
Set another for 10 minutes

Stir every ten minutes

After forty minutes take the pan out of the oven
Stir for five minutes to keep it from
becoming one giant lump

Halfway through stirring
I like to put it into another bowl
I don’t know why
I just do

It is ready to eat!

I put some of it in here
Most of it goes into an airtight container
but this great jar needed something in it this year!

Ingredient List:

20 Cup of Popped Popcorn
1/2 Pound of Butter
2 Cups of Brown Sugar (unpacked)
1/2 Cup Light Corn Syrup
1/2 tsp Baking Soda
1/2 tsp Cream of Tartar
(Seriously, unless you had an allergy, why would you leave them out?)

It is so easy and you can get little things done in the kitchen between stirring. It really is worth it, I promise.



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  1. Leslie

    Yum……sounds like I need to venture into the kitchen.

    • Jemelene

      I used pecans last time. It is now my favorite way!


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