Safe Landing!
July 13, 2011
The “safe landing” call came in about a half an hour ago. No other information but our travelers are on their way to the last portion of their destination. It will no doubt be the most difficult. A six hour drive from the airport until they get to their place of rest.
I have been following flight trackers and found comfort in knowing when they were over places like Ireland and when the landed in Frankfurt. It was nice to know were they were when I started receiving texts about the bombing in Mumbai that not only were they not there, they will be at least a 20 hour drive south of there.
Continue to pray for their health and safety as they continue to reach out to those who are anxiously awaiting their arrival. Thank you for the prayers for our families here holding down the fort. We appreciate your love and support.



(Update: I hit Publish Post and the phone rang. The sound of my husbands voice made my day. He sounded great and reports that he has received a wonderful welcome as he was greeted at the airport!)

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  1. C'est l'abeille

    We will be excited to hear how things progress, and can't wait to have him home again!


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