Reese’s Ministry to India
July 24, 2011

It has been over a year and a half since I introduced you to Reese. A sweet little girl who was born with the same genetic disorder as The Princess and lived on this earth exactly one year. She passed from here into eternity on her first birthday but she has left a legacy that cannot be measured. Her ministry still goes on and reaches farther than any of us may ever know.
The last couple of weeks I have attempted to keep everyone updated on the trip that my Coffee Guy has been on for the past two weeks. The Lord has used many lessons, people and experiences to get him there. What I can’t leave out is the part that Reese and her beautiful family played in getting us to this point.
As I mentioned in the above linked post,At the time I found them, I was discouraged. The wife of a former pastor who had no church home. A woman losing hope in the things of faith and especially people who were suppose to help advance the kingdom. I was so parched I was unable to take in the Living Water. I felt that every attempt resulted in a run off with nothing ever soaking in. Then I found her. As I read their updates, their prayers and thoughts began to gently, quietly lead me back towards my loving God. My Savior that has a plan for every life, even mine.”
Oh how far we have come from those days of discouragement. Those years where we had not only drifted from our calling but from an intimate relationship with the God we had been serving. Here we are, serving in a healthy, growing church body. Finding a deeper relationship than we had ever imagined possible with a God who at one time seemed so far away.
We still praise God for the life of Reese Renee and the faith of her beautiful parents who chose to share her with the world. Their testimony that every life has meaning and every life serves a deeper purpose has left ripples that are touching lives on the other side of the world. The only regret is that I haven’t told them recently. I thought I would start by telling all of you. Who knows who Reese will touch next?


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  1. Ashley Kostjuk

    We're so touched and blessed to see what God can do through His story of our lives. We knew God had plans for Reese & our family when she was born but to think how He can still use her precious little life. Praise God that He used Reese to encourage and strengthen your walk with the Lord.

    Through trials sometimes we get a glimpse of what God uses for His good – in your life

  2. Hope

    Oh goodness, I would love a phone date! We may be near your area in September and we will definitely keep you posted. We are so ready to share where we have been and where he has us now.
    Talk to you soon!


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