Rain, Clouds and Dreary Seasons
June 20, 2010

There is no eloquent way to say it, the weather this year is strange. Its mid June and we haven’t hit 80 once. Yes, I live in the Pacific Northwest, yes it rains here but trust me, not this much at this time of year. We even live in a section that is sometimes referred to as the banana belt of the Northwest but you wouldn’t know it if you just showed up in the past few weeks. It has been cold, wet and stormy for a long time. In the past I have written about how I welcome clouds into my life. I really do, in moderation enjoy storms, rain and even a cold day, but in moderation. Always in moderation. This year it seems as if the time for moderation has past. We all seem to be waiting for the clouds to pass and the warmth to once again brighten our days.
As I was thinking about this today, a thought struck me. We all have times and seasons in our lives that are more dreary than others. Some seasons of life have literal and figurative storms that come crashing in and pass. Others seem to just hang around like a never ending winter. Some last days, some years and some decades. So in the lives of those who seem to have never ending storms, getting through is a matter of finding the hope that (as my Mom always said) “This too shall pass”.
So how have I faced this very long dull season? On my better days I continue to hope that the Summer will eventually come. We will gather for “Music on the Half Shell”, we will cruise in “Graffiti Night“, ride our bikes, attend the county fair and visit the Happiest Place on Earth before the school year returns. I also surround myself with those who lift my spirits. Family and dear friends (some new, some who have weathered many seasons with us) walk along side me through the gray days. They add color and add contrast to my life. They make me laugh, smile, dream and they give hope.
Jesus Christ does that in my spiritual life. When it gets dark for a long time, when the pain of loss chills me through, I turn to Him. The only one who can really walk me through, giving me hope for a brighter day and a warmer season. That is the only hope I can bring to those who are living in the darkest, longest winters of their lives. Like the song says, “Sometimes He calms the storms, sometimes He calms His child.” In that I have hope.


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