Putting Things Into Perspective
July 23, 2011

My goal when I write is to always find hope in the everyday happenings of life. Encouraging those who may drop by to live their life to the fullest, to see what God has for us that is better than we thought and to leave others feeling hopeful in a world that seems hopeless. 
At the same time, I want to remain genuine and transparent. It wouldn’t do any good to try and make anyone think that I have it all together. (You probably have that figured out anyway.) Seriously, I don’t come close to having it together. In fact sometimes it seems that every time I try to pick up something, I drop something else. There are days that it’s a never ending battle where discouragement is my constant companion.
Sending The Coffee Guy to India has been a stretch. Between the Max’s antics and The Princess’ health even the daily chores of life feel heavier. There is plenty to get frustrated over. The concern for his safety was already in the back of my mind but when I have heard that at times he has to be hidden in the back seat of the car because of the dangerous territory they pass through, it is unnerving. That is where I have been this week. On the nervous side but in my heart of hearts there is truly a peace that I can’t explain.
My friends whose husbands are or have been deployed know all of this better than I do. Many have repeated this for much longer periods of time than this short trip my husband is on at this time. Their situations are much more dangerous than ours. I am grateful for their sacrifice.
This week there is a wife whose 33 year old husband has received dreaded news. Cancer. I can’t even imagine how that awful word sounded to the mother of three young children who faces a weekend of having to wait until this week to run more tests. The thought makes me more than queasy, it horrifies me. It also give me a tremendous amount of perspective.
Please pray for this family if they come to mind. There is already an outpouring of love and compassion from our wonderful town. Pray for better news in the upcoming week. Pray for strength, courage and a sense of hopefulness. While your at it, please pray for healing.



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