Pure In Heart
September 2, 2012
My Beautiful Girl

You are evidence that life is full of blessings we don’t deserve.
My precious daughter, the world may never understand your beauty.
That’s okay, I can’t begin to understand the world.
So much in it doesn’t make sense.

You, beautiful child, you make sense
You are the essence of beauty
You exude joy, purity, peace, endurance
That day you were placed in my arms, I was speechless
It was no different from the night your sister was placed on my chest
You were no less mine and I was fully yours
You weren’t created in me, you were created for me

You saved me
The Creator of the Universe made us for each other
You and I are “wonderfully made”

I lost track of how many nights we have spent
with medical equipment as our soundtrack

Do you know how many times we have driven to the children’s hospital?
Me neither, I stopped counting years ago
I am grateful that has finally slowed down
(We were all getting tired of it)

I know what the world sees

A little girl whose body doesn’t work right
They don’t hear you talk or walk
You don’t learn the way others do
Your liquid food is pumped through a tube in your stomach
Let’s not discuss too much about the diapers
Some people are a afraid of you
They see a broken little girl

They are wrong
So very, very wrong

You are so much more than your body
You have a twinkle in your eye
A contagious laugh that exudes joy
You are brave, strong and smart
and so very innocent

Your soul is pure

You have added depth to my story
My faith is deeper and even stronger
We have met beautiful people because of you
So many lessons we’ve learned
The lives you have touched
Those are your ministry my darling

You are a minister

You teach grace
You teach mercy
You teach compassion
You know peace

You are a miracle

I am so grateful you’re mine

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