Once in a Blue Moon
December 31, 2009

In case you haven’t heard, tonight is New Years Eve. It’s also a Blue Moon. Its sure to be a beautiful night provided that clouds keep their distance. 
Its also a great time to do something you’ve been putting off. Oh, I know that many hope to make changes, start over and implement “resolutions” as 2010 begins. After all, we aren’t just entering a new year, we are beginning a fresh decade.
Resolutions so often are inwardly focused. They cause us to examine ourselves, habits and maybe attitudes. While those are all good things to consider, my hope is that you will consider others.
Is there someone who will be blessed by your generosity, prayers, thoughtfulness, kindness or forgiveness? If you knit, can you make one extra scarf or warm socks to drop off at a homeless center? Do you have some good books you could leave at a hospital library? Can you sew a fleece blanket for a parent who has to sit in a cold hospital room caring for a sick child? How about finding the blog of a parent who has a child with chronic illness, one with very few comments or hits, and leave a word of encouragement. Offer to pray even just one day for their child.
What will you do to start the new year? Do you plan on making a difference in the life of someone? What resolution will you make that will improve your life through blessing others?


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  1. Amanda

    I like these resolution ideas. It got me thinking about what small thing I could do that would make a big difference in someones life.
    Happy New Year to you, you are a shining star right beside that blue moon.

    -Amanda Hill


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