New Post: True Bravery Means Facing Ourselves

“You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort. You cannot have both.” ~Brené Brown

The morning is when I step into a new day, hopefully bringing with me only what was good about the day before. Stepping into a new year holds even more hope.

Words and resolutions were once my focus. January 1 always seemed like a good time to change my life, so throwing out big goals became a tradition. As with other things in my life, though, I’ve had to stop and make a new tradition. Instead of looking far into the future, I remind myself that the only moment that exists is the one I’m living now.

When we talk about change, we often carry our hardest moments with us. Some of us carry seasons of pain and discouragement. I used to think that being brave was for the sudden changes when loss or betrayal had to be faced. When we have opposition in our lives that causes strain and broken relationships, the building of several moments is where we step and misstep to make it through, not one sudden moment.

I’m finding that part of being brave is just taking the next step into the new day. For others, stepping into the next moment is daunting. I’m learning that the first step may not be a step at all. It may be taking those moments to reflect, to be quiet, and to allow ourselves to know who we are so we can contemplate where we want to go.

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