My Heart is Soaring, I’m Wrecked
October 10, 2012

Maybe my blood pressure is a little high but I don’t think that’s it. At the moment I am experiencing that “peace that passes understanding”. Whatever it is, basking in it seems like the only sensible thing to do.

Last Friday night I had my first speaking event in years. This Friday I’ll have my second. I am in awe and wonder at God’s grace. He is taking our story and using it to bring hope. Allowing the past trials to become stories of faith and healing means that He makes beauty for ashes.

Last night I was reading the stories from Help One Now bloggers in Haiti. Photos of the tent city, descriptions of the horrors still going on two and a half years after the earthquake filled their pages. In the midst of it all there is a sense of joy among the people. A knowledge that the things of this earth are temporal. “A peace that passes understanding”. That is what I want to always be reminded of.

As I sat in my writing room last night and my husband worked in his office, I thought about how crazy blessed we are to have a home at all. The things we take for granted everyday like toilets, running water and a solid roof. We are so saturated with conveniences and necessities at our fingertips. We complain about cable going out, internet being slow and having to wait at a restaurant. We get sick and go to the doctor. Even without insurance, here in the States we are able to get basic needs met. In Haiti, they are thankful for a tent in the sludge with stifling heat. When they get sick, they pray, they seek God they know their need for Him. Mary DeMuth quoted another team member as saying “We solve our problems, and in doing so, we stiff arm the Lord.”

I don’t want to “stiff arm the Lord” anymore. I don’t want to take for granted the amazing life I have here. When Scripture says “And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19 NIV1984), it isn’t according to MY riches! My needs don’t simply get met by myself. He wants to meet my needs. He wants me to stop striving, focus on Him and trust Him to provide.

This weekend I am privileged to speak at a women’s retreat full of women seeking direction on their journey of faith. All I can do is tell my story and invite them along. With so much still to learn, the daily lessons of faith, trust and grace are all I have to share but that is more than enough.

Where are you in your journey of faith? What lessons are current for you? What past lessons are speaking loud right now?



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