Music and Memories
March 15, 2010

I adore music. I love to listen to a variety of styles. The music I enjoy most is the music that speaks to me. Some music invokes memories of a simpler time while others can bring on a twinge of melancholy without notice. Whenever “Blessed Be Your Name” is played I think of how I had requested that song for my Mom’s memorial. Instead, “Blessed Be THE Name” was sang. After my initial shock and disappointment I opted to accept it for what it was. Now when I hear it I make it my own personal time of remembrance.
This morning my internet radio played “I’ll Fly Away”. It brought a chuckle as it took me back to another memorial service. Two weeks before my wedding, we held a memorial service for my brother who had passed away unexpectedly two days before. In the fog we were in, Dad picked a couple of songs off of a list to be played over the loud speakers. My brother and I broke into giggles as a completely hokey, fast paced version of an old favorite blared through the abbey. It was a reminder of two things, Glen was not a somber person and you should always listen to the version of a song before playing it in public. I’m sure many people assumed we planned it that way, we certainly did not but again, no regrets really.
“Day by Day” at one time took me back to middle school choir where we belted out the harmonies. This weekend it became something new as my Ray of Sunshyne was part of the local high school cast of Godspell! It was her last performance of her high school drama career. It’s hard not to be reflective when your daughter is wearing the same skirt I purchased for a recital when she was just three years old but was so scared of the dance teacher (who needed badly to retire) that she refused to perform. There she was not only making use of the overpriced dance costume but also the years of practices, voice lessons, dance classes and drama courses. Now those songs will bring to mind the transition that she is making from her high school life to whatever the next big step of life will be.
We are looking forward to new experiences, exciting adventures and of course new music to build memories with as well as old songs to remind us of sweet times. Sometimes I think I have a soundtrack to my life with notes that help tell my story. Some of the notes are more memorable than others. At times they only speak to me and other times there are friends that sing along. I don’t know what life would be without music but I’m happy that I don’t have to find out.
What are some of the songs that take you back to a warm place in your heart? Was it played on the radio or something you sang yourself? What is the soundtrack of your life?



Here is a clip from Saturday’s performance:

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  1. Amanda

    I know exactly what you mean, my life also has a soundtrack. Songs that when I hear them instantly transport me back in time to special moments. I am so thankful to have music that moves me so.


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