Lessons Learned From A One Year Old
November 23, 2009

Reese Renee is one of those sweet gifts that I refer to as a blessing in disguise, (although it was never hidden from those who knew her). A miracle in her own right and a true angel, which you might know literally means “messenger from Heaven”. God used this little girl to turn my heart back to Him, to learn to trust Him more deeply and to return to my first love. On her first birthday, after celebrating a miraculous year, she returned safely back into the arms of her Creator and Lord Jesus Christ. Here on earth we will probably never know the reason, we won’t have the answers but we can have hope.
I began following Reese’s Story when she was around 7 months old. She was born with the same syndrome as the Princess. Her anomalies created health issues that were far more severe than our little one has had to endure.
Each family has their own way of facing the pain that comes with raising a child with special needs. Reese’s parents are no different. Ashley and Todd chronicled Reese’s life in an online blog in order to keep family and friends up to date on the latest news in their family. It was this simple vehicle that has allowed many to be touched by Reese and in turn, experience the touch of a loving, caring God.
At the time I found them, I was discouraged. The wife of a former pastor who had no church home. A woman losing hope in the things of faith and especially people who were suppose to help advance the kingdom. I was so parched I was unable to take in the Living Water. I felt that every attempt resulted in a run off with nothing ever soaking in. Then I found her. As I read their updates, their prayers and thoughts began to gently, quietly lead me back towards my loving God. My Savior that has a plan for every life, even mine.
Its been over a year since Reese passed from this earth. In that time, we have found a church home, a new purpose and have begun ministering to others again. I was able to face the sadness with His grace and strength when my own dear Mother left us in January.
The lesson that sticks out for today is that we need to live out our faith in a prayerful, honest path. If we focus on Jesus Christ and our relationship with Him, we can trust that He will use us as a blessing in ways that we never could on our own. Even better than that, He will use us to change lives in way we could never imagine.


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