Less is More or Minimal is Maximum!
December 26, 2010

With so much talk these days about minimalism and simplicity it has become popular to cut back on spending and gathering unwanted possessions. My friend declared that their family would be exchanging vintage or re-purposed items this year. For us, it was a matter of necessity that led us to scaling back our Christmas. Afterall, this month started off with our daughter’s wedding and a trip to Florida a week later to relax at Walt Disney World including The Coffee Guy getting a nasty virus along with The Princess. So even if we did have the money to splurge, we didn’t have much time. We certainly have felt the difference.

Less gifts, no parties, fewer goodies baked and almost no tree. (We did get a tree last minute. We didn’t need to drag out the stand. We just put it up on the wooden stakes it came on and put up the “special ornaments” with just a small gold ribbon laced through for color. Instead of digging through the boxes for the usual tree skirt, I grabbed a piece of fabric from the craft room.) We’ve spent more time together this month, listened to more Christmas music and indulged in the laughter of those I love. Less shopping, less stress and less pressure to perform.

This morning, my Ray of Sunshine made my Mom’s Breakfast Casserole that years ago received the nickname, “Christmas Quiche”. She seemed delighted to  take over the duty and I was happy to pass it on. With her husband of three weeks by her side, we all delighted in digging through our stockings and exchanging the few gifts we had. There were giggles and laughter. Sweet gratitude was the most wonderful gift of all!

I could get used to a simple holiday. Next year I think we’ll do it on purpose!


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  1. Tiff


  2. Mom Halland

    I enjoyed your post, we have done the same this year too! What a wonderful way to spend the Christmas season!

  3. Midlife Army Wife

    We enjoy our Christmas much more since we've simplified it as well. You have a beautiful family!



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