Landing in Mumbai
June 19, 2014

The team just landed in Mumbai.  They’ll have a t 10 hour layover before taking a short two hour hop into Coimbatore.

Last night sent a few texts to let me know he arrived safely. I was thrilled to here that his “back is doing great”! That’s been on my mind and is now such a relief. Praying they all get some rest in this airport as they wait to leave again.

I’ve been thinking about how much commitment it takes to go on these trips. Not only the time away but the planning, the studying and all the while, still taking time for family.

This is a calling. It’s like breathing to him and to so many who invest in reaching out in this way.

I’ve been asked what they do when they are there. They have a packed schedule full of different ministries. Russ’ main mission is to meet with Pastors to help train them to teach the bible. The team will be staying at The Hope Center. When Russ was there last time they were just purchasing the land.

The Hope Center is a place where children who are being raised in tribal villages are able to live during the week and attend school. They are also able to learn basic hygiene and other life skills to give them a chance at a better future.

There will be tribal visits, vacation bible schools and church meetings. It’s a packed schedule full of life and value and changed hearts.

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