Is the Pursuit of Happiness an Empty Pursuit?
March 6, 2012

Happiness is such an interesting concept. It is on my heart today and because I endeavor to not only be honest, I need to be open, the past couple of days have not been “happy”.

Last week I had a wonderful, once in a lifetime trip with my Ray of Sunshine! We went Southern California, visited my Dad, stayed with my Mom’s longtime dearest friend and spent a hilarious, fun filled, 24 hour day at The Happiest Place On Earth®! For so many reasons I spent the entire week, very happy.

All week I had very little sleep, lived on adrenalin and flew back tired, with a worn out voice, ready for a rest. Although rest was in the forecast, something went wrong. The Coffee Guy threw out his back three hours before he was supposed to leave to pick us up at the airport. He has been unable to pick up The Princess which means I came home tired and in certain ways, on my own. My Saturday, lounging around pajama day didn’t happen and my Sunday was filled with obligations and meetings. It has been very hard to be in touch with “happy” through the fatigue as well as watching the one I love so much endure his pain.

Today as I was trying to rest and enjoying quietness of the day, the Lord ministered a thought to my heart. Happiness is based on circumstances. Joy is rooted deep in your soul and can only come from stripping away our need to make ourselves happy. Do not seek the external to fill the needs of the internal.

What if we sought our joy instead of always searching for happiness? Things are going to happen in our lives that will steal away our happiness at a moments notice. An injustice, an abusive comment or a horrible tragedy can destroy our happiness. Joy on the other hand is what our precious Lord wants to plant deep in our soul. When my dear friend’s son died a tragic death last year, happiness was the last thing on her mind but the joy of the Lord that she drew from not only strengthened her, it inspired everyone she came in contact with.

Today, when I am tired, disappointed in circumstances, feeling alone with happiness just out of my reach, I will still find joy. I will rest in His strength and seek His peace in my heart. I will trust Him and wait on Him.



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