Is God Enough?
February 23, 2012

Last week I ran across a wonderful sermon given by Christa Pitcairn, a precious woman who I have had the privilege of meeting. It was part of a relationship series and was titled “Singled Out in a Couples World”. It spoke to me. Although singles will find it incredibly refreshing, I found it thought provoking because Christa doesn’t just speak to a condition of marital status, she spoke to the condition of the heart, more specifically, my heart. She challenges believers to really take a look at our faith and ask ourselves if we trust our God.
Who do we really believe in? Is HE enough. Are the difficulties in life bigger than God’s love? Are we willing to allow our faith to waver in light of circumstances or do we choose to trust Him despite the trials.
We often think if something doesn’t happen, it was “God’s will” but in reality, some decisions made fall under man’s “free will”. This doesn’t change His sovereignty but it changes me.
We ask where God is in all of this? Remember, He wants true love and true love requires a choice. If He made us “love” Him, it wouldn’t be love. If we always got what we want, (even what we think is right) that isn’t love. We have to choose Him in order for it to be true love.
My favorite question that Christa asked was: “Do you have a calling on your life that has yet to be fulfilled?” My question for you is this: Can you let the Holy Spirit invade your soul with comfort knowing that He encourages us in Romans 12 to ” (v12) Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”?
What are you going to trust your Creator with today?



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  1. val

    I’ve been trying to find the sermon by Christa Pitcairn that you mentioned. Is there a link on the internet or on itunes to the conference or the message? Thanks so much for sharing your heart. I’ve felt the Lord lead me to surrender some dreams that He has given me and I keep asking myself, is God enough? Really, is He enough or would you be bitter and disappointed if the dream never came to pass. Anyhow, thanks so much for this post.

    • Jemelene

      Try contacting and ask for “Living Single in a Couples World”. I believe it was February 2012. They should be able to help you!


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