Is God Enough? Part 2
March 13, 2012

My oldest brother was diagnosed with Leukemia three weeks before my wedding. Four day later, he died from a ruptured spleen because His cancer had been misdiagnosed for several months by an incompetent “doctor” in a small rural town. There were countless questions that even when answered weren’t enough to bring comfort. Jesus was not only enough, He was our comforter. When our depression set in, He was our deliverer. When we were bewildered, He was our answer.

If God can be enough in life’s most painful moments, then we need to choose to trust Him with the direction of our lives in the smaller moments. If He can see us through the darkest hours He is more than enough to get us through the times that are confusing. When we are treated in ways that make us feel insignificant, we need to remember, He is our significance.

A couple of weeks ago, I began to feel insignificant within the body of Christ. (Note, that was a feeling based on feelings. Not on the truth.) I was reading into the actions of others and I bought into the lie that no one noticed my existence. It was one of those times where I was starting to fall back on what I was doing for my worth. My focus was on my activities of service positions more than on my position in Christ. Being in His presence, belonging to Him and being open to whatever He brings is significant.

There are times in the body of Christ when we are equipped for a job but not chosen. We can even be called to it but because of man’s freewill, still be passed over for a position. Be assured, God will still use it to shape us in some way. My good friend told me this past week, “He won’t let anything go to waste”. What we think may be ashes are what God time and time again will turn to beauty.

So that brings me back to the question, is God enough? Oh my dear friends, He is always more than enough.



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  1. Jackie

    Beautifully said my friend. God is more then enough! He has seen me and mine through very hard times and brought us through the other side thankful because we were closer to God then we were before.


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