In The Stillness
May 22, 2013

I like tea.

I’m enamored by:

~the sound it makes when you pour it.

~the sweet aroma that drifts upward as it steeps.

~tasting the perfect blend.

~the warmth it brings a cold, rainy day

I like the way it makes me slow down, even for a few moments, to soak in the quiet beauty of life.

Today, after a weekend of activity, travels and returning to work on Monday, I sat on my rumpled comforter and poured a cup of Pu-Erh from my white teapot into a whimsical mug. Then I sat still.

The raindrops splattering all over the balcony created the unpatterned rhythm of spring.

Leaning against the pillows on my headboard, I reflected on the past few weeks filled with the beauty of family and friends. Life’s tender moments of laughter, remembrance, faith and hope.

We all need to rest, to be still, to sit with quiet thoughts or nothing on our minds at all.

For years we were in the habit of filling our home with music. Blasting words and melodies of praise to the God we adore for most of our days. My friend shared how she had started to turn it all off. She encouraged me to invite the silence into my home.

It is in those times I can hear the song of my own soul. The whispers of my shepherd even when I’m not actively seeking Him can be heard in those moments.

In those moments He is hearing my heart too.



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