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September 24, 2013

Courtesy of A Shared Lens
I enjoy reading the work of authors who inspire me to live better, love freely and immerse myself in grace. Some writers encourage me to appreciate my children, others give me great ideas for health and nutrition while others inspire me to dig deeper in my faith.

It occurred to me recently that I often post links to my favorite writings because I am so inspired by the words and often the author. The story of their life can bring new meaning to the daily trials of my own life. Sometimes it’s just knowing that I’m not alone that makes these days bearable.

It seems to me that this has become the way we communicate in this world. The internet is the modern “water cooler” or break room. It’s where we share snippets of wisdom, pop cultures or knowledge. As in the past, there are few places for in depth conversation when we throw out a quick comment as we’re passing through from one task to the next.

We have lost the art of sharing life. No wonder our souls have become emaciated. Our relationships are being fed the equivalent of “fun size” candy bars and very few of us are sharing substance. If we do, it is so small that it doesn’t sustain us for any length of time. It keeps us longing for bits and morsels.

That is not how we were made.

We were created for relationship. We were meant to connect face to face and heart to heart. With the world so spread apart, I am grateful for small ways to communicate. I’m happy that ideas are spread and the writings or movies or music can be shared globally in a small amount of time. It just isn’t enough.

One things that stuck out to me today is that those who write popular books and blogs are saying things that so many of us need to hear. They are beautiful ideas and words woven into artistic phrases to inspire us to love more. When they share stories of theirs lives we feel close to them but the reality is we still walk away holding onto those places we need to share. We not only need to be touched, we need to touch. We need to be heard too.

That is when I sat in the comfort today that Jesus loves me. My Lord and God hears me. He created me for a relationship with Him. His greatest commandment is that I would love Him with ALL of my “heart, soul, mind and strength”. The second is like it as He tells me to love my neighbor. I’m not called to preach in pithy status updates or spend my time linking to people I think say it better than me. I’m called to love. To open myself to reach out and to receive.

So those days when I don’t know what to pray or what to write I want to remember, He doesn’t want my words He wants my heart.



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