In The Dance
March 14, 2013

Once upon a time we spoke of dance lessons.
The chance to have a night out,
just the two of us,
learning together,
holding hands and laughing through it all.

Time and opportunity never intersected to bring us to that place.

We dance anyway.

We don’t just save it for special events anymore.
In our family room we dance for The Princess until her giggles overtake tears. Slow dancing by the fireplace until the music runs out.
Working together in the kitchen has it’s own rhythm.
The point is, we dance.

Our life together has been a series of waltzes, jitterbugs, two steps and missteps until our feet were sore all the way to the instep. We’ve learned to ask forgiveness when we stumble onto each other and know when it’s time to sit this one out. Music intertwines into our souls, our hearts and every corner of our home. I’ll hum into his ear when the words don’t matter and he’ll pull me back to gaze into my eyes. As the years roll on, we connect and we dance.

It hasn’t always been smooth and the music of life often plays an awkward beat 

Still, we don’t sit out

Holding each other tight, we sway to the song being written in our hearts until the melodies and harmonies play through to our bones and our feet are in step again.
We both lead, we both follow and we both love passionately.

Right now is our happily ever after…



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