In Search of a Miracle
May 23, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, a very sweet lady was talking to The Coffee Guy at church. As I walked up I heard her end with “I am still praying for her to be healed” referring to The Princess. I smiled and let her know some of the progress that is being made with walking, her health and learning. She was happy to hear it and we headed into the service.
Prayer is a gift that I am all too happy to receive. Sweet saints who want to talk to God in our behalf is a blessing! Can I be completely open here? I think the word “healing” means different things to different people and with that confusion can creep up when we least expect it.
The Princess was born with a rare genetic disorder that caused multiple medical anomalies or birth defects. What could be corrected surgically (that we know of) has been done. The therapies she needs to train her to function to the best of her abilities are being done. It is probable that she will never use words or solve a math problem (which I can relate to). Here is the but, (admit it, you knew it was coming) she isn’t sick. Not right now at least. Yes, when she gets sick she become fragile but she isn’t sick. She is The Princess who was made different from so many of us.
I have written about the scars I grew up with and how the Doctors thought it was best to change the way I look, presumably so I would fit in with my peers. It didn’t work. I never became exactly like my peers and no one should try to conform. What those experiences did was give me compassion, empathy and strength to deal with other things. It must have improved my eyes because I can see beauty in a unique way and that is worth every taunt, every stare and every lonely moment that being different brought.
Want to know what one of the best things is that I see? I see miracles that others miss. I understand the miracle of life and how the tiniest of cells can jumble things up. Knowing how hard it is for a child with ES to develop well enough to be born is knowing I live with a miracle. The abandoned infant rescue center went through 250 files before finding us. Another family had agreed to adopt her until they read her medical records and changed their minds. So many things could have happened to keep us from knowing her but God knew we needed a miracle! There was so much we needed to learn, so many ways we needed to grow and so many lives she has touched. She is the miracle I didn’t know I needed.
You see, I think it is much harder for someone to change their heart than it is for a doctor to heal many illnesses. Finding peace in this chaotic life is miraculous to me. To find hope in a hopeless world or friendship among those whose only connection seems to be an extra chromosome in a child, deserves to be called a miracle.

Are you in need of a miracle? Maybe you just need to change your definition of miracle.



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  1. C'est l'abeille

    Well said! Each and every one of us is an amazing miracle, and we tend to miss that because we are only looking at those things that look "normal" when we compare ourselves to others. What a pity that we cannot see with eyes that are focused on what is truly important!

  2. KI

    Mmmm, good stuff.


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