I love a new year
I believe it is the ultimate in do overs
Lord knows I need do overs more than most
If each new day is a fresh start then each new year is a whole new beginning

This year on my little blog I have plans for fresh ideas
I’ll share more of me
It won’t be the most hilarious or poetic or well written
It certainly won’t answer the biggest questions of our world
Don’t come here to seek controversy
I won’t just write out the lessons I want to teach (I can’t turn the teacher off though, it is deep inside my soul), I will be writing out my heart

You see, over 25 years ago my faith was shaken
It was broken along with hidden pain and buried secrets
As God unwrapped filthy bandages from rotting sores
He brought His healing touch to my soul
He saved me from my past
He save me from me

There isn’t much about my past I have been ready to share and some I never will but this year He will use those places I have been as a reminder of His never ending love

We will have moments of laughter too
Words of inspiration that move me I pray will move you too
A couple of cooking posts are already in the works to spark ideas for easy frugal living with flavor

My heart will pursue what it means to galvanize and to be galvanized

Most of all I want you to feel at home here
A quiet place of sorts where simplicity is the most important thing on the agenda besides of course hope